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    Diamond Rock Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic (DRWRC) rehabilitates injured and orphaned wildlife and releases them back into the wild. The Clinic now specializes in native Pennsylvania bat species, which are considered Rabies Vector Species (RVS). Founded in the Spring of 2005 in Malvern, Chester County, the Clinic serves the entire population of Southeastern Pennsylvania. We passionately care about all animals and provide advice and referrals for all species, even those we donít admit.

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    Rabies is a very serious disease with no known cure. For important information about rabies and handling infant mammals link to our Baby Care Page.

    Doís and Doníts of Wildlife Rescue

          Donít ever handle any wild animal with your bare hands
          Do wear gloves or use a towel when handling an animal

        Many diseases including rabies can be transmitted to humans by wild animals. If you or your children handle a wild animal without protection, not only is it dangerous to you, itís
        a death sentence for the animal.
        The animal must be destroyed to be tested as a public health necessity. Before you decide to raise that cute baby please call us and youíll be saving a life.

          Donít email or write wildlife rehabilitators with a wildlife question
          call your local Wildlife Rehabilitator, who can be found on the Internet at or or

        In the Spring and early Summer infants keep us so busy that we donít have time for email or anything other than feeding babies. However, we realize the importance of your wildlife problem and will always answer the phone. If weíre not available, weíll usually return calls within an hour.

          Donít kidnap that cute baby mammal or bird
          call your local Wildlife Rehabilitator

        A wildlife babyís mother does the absolute best job in raising that baby. Leave a healthy looking baby mammal or bird alone for at least a few hours and make sure your dogs, cats and kids are not in the area scaring mom away. Unless you are absolutely certain that the baby is orphaned, do not remove it from its environment before contacting a Wildlife Rehabilitator.

          Donít call a commercial animal and pest control company
          call your local Wildlife Rehabilitator

        Contact a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator before relocating any wild animal. We can provide proven procedures using light and sound to convince a wildlife family to relocate themselves. Keep in mind that besides for being expensive, commercial animal and pest control companies destroy all the animals captured. It is Pennsylvania State law.

    The Clinic works closely with our veterinarian, Dr. Ed Frankel of the Honeybrook Animal Hospital. Dr. Frankel has extensive experience treating the unique problems of wildlife and is a member of the Pennsylvania Wildlife Rehabilitation Council. His tireless dedication to the Clinicís patients is appreciated and contributes greatly to successful wildlife rehabilitation; treating injuries and diseases keeping sight of the ultimate goal of releasing a healthy animal into the wild and/or minimizing suffering.

    DRWRC is a 501(c)(3) federally registered nonprofit corporation, not funded at all by any local, state of federal government.  Our funding consists entirely of donations from the general public and every dollar contributed goes towards wild animal care. There is never a charge for our animal rehabilitation services. Donations of cash, gift certificates or goods are gratefully accepted and contributions are deductible to the full extent allowed by law.  To support our efforts, Donate Now by using the PayPal button below, calling 610.240.0883 or sending an email to Additionally, review our Wish List Page for additional ways to help and the many types of goods we require.