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Diamond Rock Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic presents

 Our Second Annual

Furr Ball02

 ...where the wild things gather and the fur flies…

Remember all the fun you had NOT attending last year? Well, you can do it again! A donation to the Diamond Rock Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic ensures that you can stay home and avoid getting fleas, ticks, bitten or chewed.

Furr Ball 2007 is the BEST event you NEVER attended!

There are many reasons why humans NEVER go to the Furr Ball:

·        None of the guests have taken a bath in months....if EVER!
·        It's customary to fight over the food and your date.
·        If you see a worm on the's SUPPOSED to be there!
·        Sniffing butts is an accepted form of greeting.

Instead of attending our FurrBall, please stay at home and donate to Diamond Rock Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic. You can enjoy…

·        Lounging on your sofa with an adult beverage of your choice
·        Eating a dinner that doesn't include dead rodents
·        Watch the animals from a safe distance on Animal Planet

We have worked all year to gather top-rated celebrities to entertain the guests at this year's Furr Ball!

Featuring your favorite stars from:

Fred Claws

My Name Is Squirrel

Desperate Mousewives

Coon Hand Luke

House Mouse, MD

It's Always Skunky in Philadelphia

Laverne and Squirrely

Ugly Batty

Foxrest Gump

Grey Fox's Anatomy


The Great Foxscape

Mice Three Sons

Urban CoyBoy

Dancing With The Starlings


The Honeycooners

The Search For Red Foxtober

The Foxorcist

Anything Bat Love

The Skunkshank Redemption


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